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My designing career started out as a Graphic designer for newspapers in the early 1980's.  I designed page layouts for the advertising department for a newspaper.  I also did a little radio advertising. This started out as an advertising sales associate job but my ideas led the station to hire me as a part-time DJ and Production Editor doing full production editing. I LOVED IT!!

Once I was on the internet my designing wheels started turning as I looked at websites.  As an artistic person, I wanted to design websites.  I then became self-taught on raw HTML.  I furthered my web designing knowledge by going to Horizon Tech School and learning Web Design using HTML, Frontpage, and Dreamweaver.  I am currently educating in Web Design as things change daily.

I have been building websites for over 15 years.  I built and maintained the Ross County Sheriffs Office website from 2002 until 2009.  I also was the Ross County Sheriff's Office Photographer. While working at the RCSO I started building websites for other Ross County Offices. 

The Ross County Sheriff's website won several awards and many emails came into the Sheriff's office to tell how much the website was loved and so easy to use.  I updated all the programs, sexual predators, sheriff sales and did news releases.  Sadly to say, new sheriff-new site.  I also did the original Southern Ohio Crimestoppers.  When I left the Sheriff's Office someone else took over the websites.  I was asked to come back in 2013 to serve on the board and revamp the website for the Southern Ohio Crime Stoppers.